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Sub-Contractor Pre-Qualification

Join a growing group of experts committed to changing the face of the construction industry

Welcome to Waypoint Contracting

We are firm believers that putting together the best team of knowledgeable and experienced subcontractors is the key to any successful construction project.

We are committed to offering our clients top-notch services, and we are always searching for exceptional subcontractors that share our enthusiasm for excellence, quality, and safety.

Our Sub-Contractor Pre-Qualification Process is intended to make sure that we collaborate with subcontractors who have the necessary qualifications, working history, references and commitment to produce the highest caliber of work. By becoming a member of our network, you join a growing group of experts committed to changing the face of the construction industry.

The Waypoint Contracting Sub-Contractor Pre-Qualification Process is briefly described here:

Initial Application

Fill out our online application form with information about your business, services, background, required documentation and credentials. This information enables us to comprehend your areas of specialization and the tasks you are most suitable for.

Study and Evaluation

Using the data you have provided, our team will carefully study your application and evaluate your qualifications. To further understand your qualifications, we might ask for more information or arrange a phone interview.

Compliance and safety

At Waypoint Contracting, safety comes first. All of our subcontractors must abide by our safety regulations and requirements, which include having the appropriate insurance and presenting documentation of worker's compensation.

Project Matching

After completing the pre-qualification process, we will add you to our list of authorized subcontractors. We will be in touch with you to talk about possible partnership opportunities as projects come up that match your area of expertise.

Master Agreement

Upon meeting all requirements and to officially become one of our subcontractors, you will be required to sign a master agreement.

Continuous Improvement

As part of our dedication to quality, we examine and update our pre-qualification requirements on a regular basis to make sure that our subcontractors continue to meet the highest industry standards and norms.

Don't pass up this opportunity to become part of a strong network of subcontractors committed to setting the standard for great construction experiences. Take the first step toward becoming a valued partner with Waypoint Contracting by submitting an application right away. Our future can be improved if we work together.

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