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At Waypoint Contracting, we take great pleasure in being one of Miami’s highest rated, full-service general contracting businesses. We have a track record of producing outstanding projects on time and under budget.

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Dependability You Can Trust

Our team of skilled construction professionals is committed to offering the highest level of service in the industry.

We have gained the respect of architects, developers, and property owners all throughout Florida by pledging to be transparent in our communication, rigorous in our planning, and exact in our implementation.

We are aware that you expect nothing less than the best from us when you entrust us with your project.

Respecting Agreements

At Waypoint Contracting, we think that a strong dedication to our clients is the cornerstone of each successful project. At every phase of the construction process, we place a high premium on making sure that our clients’ needs are met.

We collaborate closely with our clients to provide specialized solutions that are in line with their unique goals and vision, from the initial consultation through project completion.

A Complete Range of Services

At Waypoint Contracting, pre-construction planning, design-build, construction management, and general contracting are primary services we offer.

Our experience includes work in a variety of industries, including commercial, government, industrial, and institutional projects. No matter how big or complicated your project is, we have the resources and skills to make it a reality.

Leading-edge Safety Standards

At Waypoint, we value safety. It is the cornerstone of all we do.

Every project is handled with the utmost consideration for the safety of our team members, clients, and the general public. 

Each day on our projects begin with a safety discussion at the jobsite, and we strictly adhere to OSHA requirements. If anyone on our projects sees an unsafe situation or practice, they are empowered to correct the situation quickly before any accident occurs.

Core Focus:

Elevate the customer and vendor experience by delivering first in class construction services that cater to our clients’ needs, maintain cost-effectiveness, and drive innovative execution.

Core Values:

  • Integrity

    Upholding the highest ethical standards by being honest, transparent, and fair in all dealings with clients and vendors.

  • Accountability

    Taking responsibility for one’s actions and delivering on all commitments.

  • Persistence

    Persevering in the face of challenges and opportunities while maintaining commitment to a common goal.

  • Collaboration

    Promoting teamwork amongst stakeholders to achieve mutual success.

Florida’s Dependable Construction Manager & General Contractor

Waypoint Contracting is a small business headquartered in Miami, Florida. We are licensed, insured and bondable and provide construction management and general contracting services for clients throughout Florida.

Waypoint Contracting, Inc is a Florida rooted general contracting firm founded by Jorge Lopez, President 2016 est.

Jorge’s early career (2006) included the undertaking of both lateral and vertical roles with the goal of expanding his knowledge of the industry. This two-dimensional growth approach ultimately led to him holding the title of project executive for multiple developments across the nation before establishing Waypoint Contracting, Inc.

At present, Waypoint’s aim of becoming a leader within its industry has progressively materialized since its inception, having gained its reputation as an award-winning general contracting firm specializing in complex construction projects for its commercial clients and federal/local government agencies alike.

Our leadership team encompasses a thorough understanding of federal, state, and local regulations/requirements without sacrificing innovation and originality. In addition, we pride ourselves in aligning with Florida’s finest design teams, architects, subcontractors and vendors, allowing us to provide superior service and quality that is unmatched, all the while incorporating that homegrown appeal.

Creating Win-Win Solutions

Waypoint Contracting combines best-in-class construction services and the latest construction management technologies with an innovative approach that is centered around creating win-win solutions for our clients. For each project, there is a unique balance between cost, schedule, constructability, and long-term maintenance. Our team understands the benefits and trade-offs of each approach, and works with our clients to achieve a cost-effective, high-quality build every time.


We believe in transparency, and focus on frequent, clear communication with project owners, designers, subcontractors and within our team. We work proactively to ensure that schedules are met and construction quality meets our high standards from the pre-construction through handover. Providing our clients with a clear view of the construction process is our straight-forward, upfront way of doing business.

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